6 Simple Strategies That Help Have A Great Day At Work

Strategies to have a great day at work


Are you ready to be that person who is just a ray of sunshine at work? Not necessarily, but you do want to have a great day at work daily 

So, in this blog post, we’ll discuss how to improve your attitude at work so that you have a great day at work every day by which you can slay your career and cultivate the successful life you want. 

Basically, having a great day at work really comes down to having a positive attitude at work. You must have heard this phrase before,” Choose your attitude!”, but in reality, it’s not that simple.  

Life happens, or maybe your default setting is just “pessimism”, and it takes more effort to have a positive attitude at work. But don’t worry, you’re not destined to be a Debbie Downer forever. Or, if you’re already positive, most of the time you can actually find a way to be positive all of the time with the six simple strategies that would be revealed here.

What Attitudes Can Help You Have A Great Day At Work?

Attitudes that help have a great day at work - stop complaining

Stop Complaining

Now, this is one that many employees are so guilty of doing at some point of time in their careers. The problem is, when you’re complaining, you’re focusing on the bad stuff. And when you decide to complain to the coworker, they might complain in return. Which is actually going to create a really unhealthy dynamic. Seriously, that negativity is going to fester and become an obstacle in your way to have a great day at work. 

What you’ll find is, it becomes the only that you do with that person, or with those people. And ultimately, it’s going to weigh you and the other person or the other people down. When you’re complaining, what you’re eventually doing is surrendering control and saying that you have nothing to do with it. 

In fact, this is so important that you should make a commitment to yourself right now. Take a few pieces of paper, write “I’ll Stop Complaining” on them, and stick them in every room of your home. You can also make a wallpaper on your computer and phone with this statement written which you can see whenever you come to use these devices. 

Make this promise to yourself. Because at work and really in all areas of your life, you’re going to notice a really big difference when you stop complaining.

Attitudes that help have a great day at work - daily gratitude

Daily Gratitude

The second tip that you must incorporate in your life to have a great day at work is to begin practicing gratitude. “How do you practice thankfulness?” You may ask at first. Now, it should be acknowledged that sometimes, things suck. 

You might be having a fight with a colleague, a project can be totally sideways. Maybe your company is going through a period of instability and you’re really feeling that because it’s the only thing that people are talking about at work. 

However, the thing that is going to get you through it and is going to help you maintain a positive attitude through all scenarios and adversity is “gratitude”. 

If you go through the book, “Art of Happiness” by Dalai Lama, you’ll find more and more emphasis given to practicing gratitude. It makes one realize how important gratitude is to our overall happiness. The daily practice of writing down a certain number of gratitudes can be created and enforced by reading “The Happiness Advantage” by Shawn Acor. 

So basically, a common practice is to write down three good things every day that happened. And this is something that you can begin doing. In fact, you can do it right now. The goal of practicing daily gratitude, whether you’re writing down three things, ten things or even just thinking one thing, you’re actually training your brain to look for the positive things that are happening in your life and in the world. 

At first, this can be incredibly difficult. In the beginning, many people may struggle to find even one thing. But the fact is, the longer that you do this, the easier it actually becomes. 

Eventually, you’re going to be able to rattle off three things that you are grateful for every single day with absolute ease and help yourself and others have a great day at work. 

Attitudes that help have a great day at work - smile


The third strategy to have a great day at work is to smile. Let’s take the example of people working in roadside eateries and food trucks. The most common trait you can see in most of them is that they always greet their customers with a smile. Such a gesture helps in their mood refreshment when their customer greets back with a smile.

There is this exciting thing, it’s called facial feedback. So when you actually smile, it’s sending the signal to your brain that you are in a good mood. This is why we encourage everyone, especially in times of conflict, to take a moment and smile. Whether or not the person can see you are neither here nor there. 

Because the thing is not only can they actually hear the smile in your voice, it is going to help you get into that more positive frame of mind. It’s when you’re in that more positive frame of mind that you’re going to be able to do great things. 

And of course, when they can see you, it’s just friendly. It’s fostering positivity in your workplace. To be honest, smiling is infectious. If you smile at someone, according to research, chances are that they’re going to smile in return. 

What happens when they smile? Actually, their brains get into the detection that they are happy and they’re going to be more positive as well. And the more people that we make happy, the better are our workplaces, and the easier it is to remain upbeat and have a great day at work.

Attitudes that help have a great day at work - positivity

Focus on Positivity

The fourth tip to have a great day at work is to focus on positivity. What you should actually do in order to insulate yourself from negativity, stress, and any bad feeling really is to manifest good things around you. And this is something that’s totally in control. You can create your happiness bubble. 

This is especially important if you’re facing a lot of stress in the workplace. If you’re in a toxic work environment and making your way out while you are still there. If you’re experiencing conflict or disarray or instability, any of those things that can really get you down, the more positivity that you select to intake, the better your mood is going to be. 

Think about it: if at any point that you can, you have inspiring quotes or a podcast or a Youtube channel that you put on and leaves you feeling uplifted, the easier it is going to be for you to maintain a positive attitude, no matter what is going on around you. 

The fifth strategy to have a great day at work that we’ll discuss here is probably the one that hasn’t been told you before in terms of how to actually maintain a positive attitude at work. And that is to set goals. 

Attitudes that help have a great day at work - setting goals

Set Goals 

Now, the great thing about setting goals is when you actually follow through with them and when you eventually achieve them, it feels really good. These don’t have to be big hairy audacious goals every single time. You can actually set daily goals, weekly goals, etc. 

Give yourself milestones and reasons to celebrate. This is also going to enforce to you that you’re making progress on whatever you’re working on. 

Plus, we never say no to having a party, so any reason to celebrate is really worth taking, especially if it involves a glass of champagne! 

Practices that help have a great day at work - Be the light

Be The Light

The sixth strategy to have a great day at work is to be the light. Now, we know that this is really cliche and campy. And it’s actually kind of annoying to be bubbly always. But you don’t have to be like this. 

But what you can actually do is, when you’re a positive person, that is going to set a more positive tone for other people. And the more open you are to share that with others, the more receptive they’re going to be, and the more opportunity you are giving them to bask in that light so that they can feel better as well, making everyone have a great day at work. 

Now, being positive and resilient are all fantastic things that go into building an effective professional brand that will make you stand out and get you noticed. 

In fact, it will give you a lot of control in terms of the vibe at your workplace. Now, ultimately, a positive attitude is not just going to help you have a great day at work, serve the people around you and your day-to-day well-being. It’s also going to be the things that enable opportunities for you. 

When you maintain a positive attitude and positive outlook at work, you are going to be better equipped to spot any opportunities that arise. You will also be able to generate opportunities based on your positivity and optimism


Although, our emphasis on having a positive attitude helps you have a great day at work. But in long term, it also helps you stand out and is essential for career success at all stages of your career. Many professionals struggle to maintain a positive attitude at work, even when they know it is important. Which has led to rise in both professional and personal issues.

You can improve your work attitude with a few simple strategies. We learned how to maintain a positive attitude and have a great day at work in this blog post. A positive attitude at work will set you apart and boost your morale. If practiced by a majority of the employees in a workplace, it can help build a healthy and admirable work culture. 

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